Time to choose the transition path for your account
We’re extending the transition period for those using the Legacy Free Edition of G Suite. Upgrade now to enjoy a special discount on a Google Workspace subscription, or self-identify your legacy subscription is for personal use. If no action is taken before Jun 27, 2022, we’ll automatically transition you to the recommended Google Workspace subscription.

Personal use: stay on no-cost Legacy G Suite
Opt-out of the automatic transition by confirming your legacy subscription is for personal use

Opt-out of the automatic transition experience to Google Workspace, this option is not intended for business purposes. Learn more

Continue using your custom domain with Gmail
Keep using Gmail with your custom domain frjhost.com

Retain access to no-cost Google services
You will retain access to the no-cost version of Google Workspace services such as Google Drive and Google Meet, and additional Google services such as Google Search, Google Maps, and YouTube

Keep your purchases and data
You will retain access to paid content such as movie purchases at Google Play and data stored on Google Workspace

This option is for non-commercial personal use
Google may remove business functionality from this offering and transition businesses to Google Workspace. Additionally, this option will not include support.

You can still use the custom domain with your Gmail even in the no-cost option.
Yes ,you can use faraz@frjhost.com on gmail even in no-cost option.
Do not worry you can still use the custom domain in the no-cost option.
the available features in the no-cost option.

The no-cost personal use option will let you keep using a custom domain with Gmail, use free Google apps like YouTube, Docs, and Meet, and keep all your data and purchases.

How many user allowed in no cost option
It depends upon your commitment ,upon checking you have 5 users under G-suite legacy subscription and the maximum seats are 50 so you can add 50 users .

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