How Can You Safely Pop Blackheads
Blackhead is something annoying when developed on the face, especially on the nose area. The first thing comes in mind after seeing the dirty blackhead is squeezing but in this case, you would have to learn that how to pop them in a proper way. The popping plays a significant role and correct the problem immediately but you should care about it and do some tricks and changes in your lifestyle in order to stop them from clogging up again. Read the entire article in which you will find the exact way to get rid of the blackheads and the right way of popping them.

Should You Squeeze All Blackheads?
Blackheads actually look old and extremely black so you can easily find out on your face. Squeezing the common way to treat the blackheads as it clears the pores but unfortunately they fill up again on the same areas. But it should not be popped because it can cause damage to the surrounding skin.

How to Pop (Squeeze) Blackheads Properly

Before starting the following steps, make sure you know which blackheads will respond well to squeezing. This method should only be applied on chins, on face and side of nose, etc.

  • First apply a mild cleanser to your skin.
  • If you want to soften the plug, you should do steam treatment. Take a large bowl of hot water; just hold your head over it. After the steam, the blackheads will be more visible while popping them out.
  • Get plenty of tissues and wrap around each index finger in order to protect the skin from bacteria present on your fingers.
  • Push down your fingers around the targeted blackhead gently. Apply more pressure and squeeze while moving your fingers up a bit. This movement will cause the blackheads rolling up from underneath surface of the skin.
  • After applying force with your fingers, move slowly your fingers while keeping them exactly on the targeted point.

Use another tissue to clean the area after blackhead is specifically pop out. Do not put too much pressure. If the blackhead is easily coming out, note that you do not require so much pressure to squeeze it out. If it is not ready, just leave it.

Use a Blackhead Extractor to Pop Nose Blackheads with Care

Blackheads can be extremely stubborn sometimes, so if you do not have knowledge about how to pop them exactly, you never get a hard time to get rid of those on your nose.

It could be something tricky to pop out the blackheads so if you know how to use the blackhead extractor then go ahead with this tool. The tool is made up of stainless steel so it will help in exerting pressure around the blackheads to extract them. You can use this tool to get rid of the whole plug. But sometimes blackheads need the help of your finger for squeezing to use it for finishing the task. You should learn how to use the extractor correctly; otherwise, it will cause damage. You can take professional facial each month to get rid of these issues.

Use Pore Strips

Pore strips are available in the markets too for cleaning the blackheads. But first you should always know how to use it for completing the task. The cotton strips contain ultra-sticky solution on one side and when it sticks on your face, it gets dried because blackheads stick on the strips. Wait for 15 minutes then remove the strip. Remember to apply the face-mask in your daily routine to protect the skin from any other harm.

What to Do After You Pop Blackheads
Once you know the proper method of popping the blackheads, you will find it easy while doing for the next time. You should never leave the pores open as it will cause infection. Keep in mind the following steps to maintain healthy skin after removing the stubborn blackheads.

  • Apply a toner on a cotton ball and dab it gently over the affected part.
  • Use a clay mask to refine pores as it will reduce inflammation.
  • You can also splash the cold water to relieve from the inflammation.
  • Apply salicylic acid as it will minimize pores.

Use Homemade Remedies to Pop Blackheads
You can prepare a facial mask at home to get rid of the blackheads. Here are some options for you to try:
Take an egg, crack it and place the egg white in a small bowl, blend it with fork until it becomes frothy.

  • Apply it directly on your nose and leave for 20 minutes. Wash it with warm water.
  • Add a tbsp. of cornmeal in the egg white with a splash of warm water. Stir the mixture then apply on your nose. Massage it gently and rinse it with warm washcloth after 10 minutes.
  • Add one tbsp. of baking soda in a tsp of warm water then massage it on your nose. After 20 minutes, wash it off as it will help in exfoliating the skin and makes the blackheads ready to pop out.
  • Add some apple cider vinegar in a tbsp. of powdered clay in order to make a paste then spread on your entire face. After 15 minutes, rinse it off with warm water.
  • In a tbsp. of baking soda, add half tsp of lemon juice and 3 tsp of pure water. Mix it well together in the form of paste. Apply it on your face with help of your finger. Rinse it off after a couple of minutes. Finish this step with a splash of cold water to close your pores.

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