Recently at Beauty Enhancers, we brought you the 22 things that only women with small boobs can understand.

We would all have to tackle these big issues that are for only women who have big boobs so that they will understand clearly as they are going through this.

  1. You know while running, the pain you feel needs a break when you are not wearing the sports bra.
  1. Running and then full stop.
  1. The day of shopping the bra will be enough to take you downward spiral of self-loathing.
  1. Only the beige, beige and beige is the fortunate color for you in which your cup size comes in.
  1. Men are absolutely shocked to do with your boobs in the bedroom.
  1. Not wearing low cut tops without someone commenting about the big boobs.
  1. When you were in your teens, you started saving for the breast reduction.
  1. You wear three bras just for an exercise and yet it is not enough.
  1. Cross body bags cut your boobs into two which is absolutely weird.
  1. Long necklaces are the perfect choices.
  1. There is not a best of times in the bra store from where you can buy your cup size. It is something a difficult task to search for you.
  1. You have an acknowledgement about the Freya’s lingerie range and website.
  1. You just hate those famous designers like Calvin Klein, Elle McPherson, Stella McCartney and saas and bide who make wonderful bras but unfortunately stop at a D cup.
  1. You liked to consider for launching your own range of bras.
  1. You immediately buy a floral bras suitable for your cup size just to take break from the beige one.
  1. You get scared from being pregnant that how much these will grow further.
  1. You were cried in the fitting room before. Mostly when you have discovered you have gone up a cup size.
  1. Take a notice when finding a jacket or blazer that actually buttons up.
  1. Hugging the fellow with big boobs is really awkward. The other will obviously feel your breast pressed against his chest.
  1. It hurts when decided to go to the beach because your entire bust rests on the single knot digging into the back of your neck.
  1. Built-in bra crop tops?
  1. Without pain, not being able to sleep on your stomach.
  1. Loose tops are just like muumuus whereas, tight tops look like you might frequent the red light district.
  1. You look sexy all the time in all outfits. Even in the white t-shirts.
  1. Button up shirts can also create a problem. So choose one that easily fits everywhere and hold the gap between the boobs with a safety pin. Or else, buy something that looks too big and daggy.
  1. You can feel the relief after whipping your bra off at the end of the day.
  1. You know you can never wear anything backless.
  1. I suggest you to go for any low cut, spaghetti strap or strapless top.
  1. You have an unbelievable bra size that measure and become a shocking thing.
  1. While eating, crumbs fall down the cleavage depth.
  1. Since you were 11, you had never seen your toes.
  1. No bra you have tried before and has passed the jump test in the fitting room.
  1. Your bras are four times the price of other bras.
  1. When people wish to have the big boobs like you and said, “Ahhh! I wish I could have the bigger size”. And you are like, “No”.

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