Gift bow earrings DIY tutorial

Often the best part of a gift it’s the wrap. How many times we have shaken a package with curiosity to guess what was inside it or admired it from distance with impatience because we couldn’t open it before the Christmas day. Some gift wrapping can create a lot of expectation like a Tiffany box or make us want to spend more only to own them, have you ever paid macarons more only to own a LadurĂ©e box?

Gift boxes are a mystery, a thin layer of paper between us and the surprise. Maybe the reason we keep making gifts is the chance to be really surprised by them. Gifts are joyful and evoke holidays, gift bows over them are unique. After transforming them into an unconventional man bow tie, here they are as women earrings. Make them only if you like funny accessories and you want to get noticed.

You’ll need:

  1. Pvc leather
  2. Glue
  3. Earring nails and backs


  1. Fold them like this on both sides and glue them in position.
  2. Once folded they’ll look like this. Glue the shorter strip one in a loop.
  3. Glue those of the same lenght one onto another, then glue the groups one onto another, from the biggest to the smallest.
  4. Glue a earring nail on the back of the leather gift bow and you’ve done.

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