Tassel Hair earrings DIY

I warn you.Today DIY project is super easy with massive impact! And it involves the use of human hair! Wanna know more?

It concentrates all the fashion trends for spring: tassels,neon colours,orange,bright colored dyed hair.
What do you do if you like the bright colored hair trend but you’re not so brave to dye your hair and hair extensions are too expensive?Simple,you can wear hair extension as unique tassle earrings!

The pictures are pretty self explanatory about the making,you have only to buy a wisp of colored hair,cut at the desired length,i made them very long like 22 cm,cut the paperclip and squeeze the hair in the closure, add hooks and you’re done!

Now you own a pair of earrings that you can even style different ways according to your hair!
You can use your straighter and make them curly,wavy or whatever.

Do you like them?
If you do them totally send me a picture 😀

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