Show your bad girl glam make a punk studded headband

Bad girls are always glamourous. If your style is glam rock this headband is thought to bring a touch of aggressiveness in your everyday look while remaining chic. Try to wear this studded headband with a boucle, chanelesque jacket and a pair of black thight jeans.

To make this spiky headband you’ll need:

  1. Gold metallic headband 1 cm wide (this one is from H&M)
  2. Cone stud beads (yes they’re beads! they can be sewed or glued)
  3. Glue


  • Put some glue behind the stud cone beads
  • then glue them onto the headband.
  • Start from the centre and glue one stud,
  • then glue 3 studs on each side
  • at a distance of 3cm from each other.

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