In this video I will show you that how can you Restoration of Old Tires Repair Please like, share, comments and subscribe our channel

Step 1
Clean all four tires with water and soap to remove dirt and debris. Dry off the tires with a clean towel.

Step 2
Apply tire-restoration gel with UV protection directly onto a sponge. Excessive exposure to UV rays causes the rubber to become brittle. This can eventually ruin the integrity of the tire. UV protection will help prevent further damage.

Step 3
Rub on a thin layer of gel with your sponge by working your way around the tire. This will ensure an even application of gel.

Step 4
Add another layer of gel if you want a shiny or glossy appearance to your tires. If not, a single layer will restore the tires’ original black (it will have a more matted appearance).

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