Hubble Telescope

Man is the most important part of this universe. Man is always thinking of seeing and inventing something new. It is a quest within almost every human being. Apart from the grave, human beings are always looking for and liking new things. In the same way, scientists invent new and strange things. There is a limit to human thinking. And some brains are limitless. When brains become limitless, they invent technologies such as the Voyager One and the Hubble Telescope. Both of these technologies have gone far beyond our thinking, like the computer.

At a distance of 20 billion kilometers from the Earth. Voyager One’s speed is 62,000 kilometers per hour, which is unbelievable. Voyager One has become the first technology to come out of the solar system. The Hubble Telescope is the first powerful power telescope capable of seeing beyond our national highway. This time it can see up to billions of light years. This credit goes to the brain and the brain maker, i.e. Allah Almighty. Even if a thousand times more powerful power technology came from this Voyager One and Hubble Telescope, still one percent of the universe created by Allah Almighty cannot be known. Allah Almighty is so big. And these people are the gods who created such a universe. Is denied.


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