• J1407b :- Nicknamed ‘Super Saturn’, J1407b is located 433.8 light years away from earth. It has rings 200 times bigger than Saturn. If Saturn had such rings, it would look bigger than a Full moon in the sky !!!
  • 55 Cancri e :- Nicknamed the ‘Diamond Planet’, 55 Cancri-e is ⅓ made of unpolished Diamond. It is worth $26 nonillion (1 followed by 30 ZEROs). It was a Carbon Planet which was converted into diamond by intense Heat and Pressure from it’s star. It is only 40 light years away from earth. Happy journey.
  • TrEs-2b :- TrEs-2b is located 750 light years way from the Solar system and it is the Darkest known Planet to exist. It reflects only <1% of it’s light.
  • HD 188753 :- Located 151 light years away from the Solar System, HD 188753 is located in a Trinary Star System (a system with 3 Stars !!!). If you stand on this planet, you would have 3 shadows.
  • Gliese 581 c :- Gliese 581-c is a possible habitable planet which is 5.5 times bigger than earth. It is Tidally locked which means one side is always facing the Star (has high temperatures) and the other never faces the Star (has low temperatures). The only habitable place is the narrow border between the 2 sides.
  • Gliese 436b :- Gliese 436b is a Icy world about the size of Neptune. Surprisingly, it is located so close to it’s star, It’s Icy surface is constantly on Fire !!! The reason why water remains solid here at these temperatures is because of it’s Gravity. It’s immense gravity can compress the trace amounts of water vapor in its atmosphere, keeping it from reverting back to its liquid form.
  • WASP 17b :- WASP 17b is one of the Largest Exoplanets ever discovered. It is 1.5 to 2 times bigger than Jupiter. It is also the 1st exoplanet discovered with a Retrograde Motion. This means it orbits in an opposite way of it’s parent star. These type of orbits are very rare.
  • Sir Issac Newton once said “What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is a ocean…” Mysteries will soon unravel as Human Cosmic Conquest continues…

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