Albert Einstein and Prof. Stephen Hawking were one of the Greatest Minds at their Times. Their Works changed our understandings about the Universe. But, did you know – The two Most Brilliant Minds Humanity ever had, share a Beautiful Coincidence with the Date March 14th ?

On 14th March 2018, Prof. Stephen Hawking passed away after prolonged fight with ALS. The World was quick to find out that the Date matched with the Birthday of Another Great Scientist, the “Genius” – Sir Albert Einstein.Another Strange coincidence is that both “Genius Minds” were 76 years during their Death. Aslo, 14 March is celebrated as Pi (π) Day.

Albert Einstein and His Contributons

Albert Einstein was born on 14th March, 1879 into a Jewish Family in Ulm, Germany.

The Year 1905 was Sir Albert Einstein’s “Annus Mirabalis” (Miracle Year). In a Single Year, he published 4 papers on different Topics. Nothing like that was seen since Sir Issac Newton’s Annus Mirabalis of 1666. He published the Papers on Photoelectric Effect, Brownian Motion, Special Relativity and Matter-Energy Equivalence (e=mc²). He received a Nobel Prize in Physics in the Year 1921 for “Photoelectric Effect”. Later in 1915, He published a Paper on General Relativity. In a Nutshell, General Relativity states that Gravitational Attraction between two Masses is a Result of Warping of Space-time by the two Masses. A Photo of a Solar Eclipse in May 1919 in which the Light from the Stars was deflected by the almost the same amount, Einstein had Predicted.

Unfortunately, He passed away on 22nd April 1919. However, he will remain forever in His Works and our Hearts. His imagination inspired Billions and made his name the synonym of “Genius”.

Prof. Stephen Hawking and His Contributions

Born 300 Years after the Death of Astronomer Galileo Galilei, Prof. Stephen Hawking was one of the Most Influential and Inspiring Scientist to ever Live. Prof. Stephen Hawking had been Paralyzed since the age of 21 due to ALS (Motor Neuron Disease). Doctors predicted him to live just 2 years more. However, he lived for more 55 years. The disease could only paralyze his body, not his Brain. His Mind wandered the Cosmos. He devoted his entire life to Scientific Research. He is best known for Hawking Radiation which says that Black Holes radiate Energy and Evaporate with time (Millions of Years though). He is also known for Black Hole Information Paradox, Penrose-Hawking Theorems, Etc.

He authored many books including A Brief History of Time, The Theory of Everything, the Grand Design, George’s Secret Key to the Universe, and Many more.

Unfortunately, He passed away on 14 March 2018. His Grave rests between the Graves of Sir Issac Newton and Sir Charles Darwin. Thank You sir for inspiring Billions your Works.

Both of them were Average Students in their High School. Sir Albert Einstein couldn’t even speak until the age of 2 and half. But, they were destined to change our understandings of the Universe due to their Creativity and Intellect.

Thank You Albert Einstein and Prof. Stephen Hawking for your Valuable Contributions…

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