If you are breastfeeding your baby, you should definitely know about what would be the best positions for this purpose. So here we are telling you the four popular positions that every mom should follow strictly to do the happy breastfeeding to her baby.

Once you will find the best position for you, you will surely be comfortable during the day and at night.

  1. Cradle

This is the classic position of breastfeeding in which the baby is lying on the inside of your forearm, head in the corner of your inner elbow and upper arm. Sit up straightly, usually you can use a chair or bed with your back in a pillow. Make sure your baby is high enough to be level with your breast. Do not bend or move your body.

  1. Cross Cradle

Sit up in a straight way and then bring your baby across your front body, tummy to tummy. Hold your baby tightly in crook of the arm which should be opposite to the breast you are feeding from – left arm for right breast and right arm for left breast. With your open hand, support the back part of your baby. Do not hold it too tight that your baby will not be able to move her head.

  1. Football

This position is really good for the baby who needs to feed in a more upright position and is also good for the mom who has an overactive-let-down so in this way the flow of breast milk is controlled while feeding the baby.

First sit on a place without an unwanted noise and then hold your baby at one side with your elbows bent and your hand is supporting the head of the baby. The back of your baby will be at rest on your forearm. In this position, you can use a regular or nursing pillow on your lap so that it would be helpful for you to make your baby close enough to you. You can select chair with broad, low arms to support your upper arm.

  1. Lying Down (Side Lying)

In this position, mom and baby are both lying down touching each other’s tummies. The head of the baby is on the arm of mom and the other hand wraps around the baby’s body to pull him close. Now feed your baby closest to the surface you are lying on.

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