Natural Ways to Confirm Pregnancy at Home

To indicate pregnancy, your body is strong enough to show you the basic and initial symptoms such as nausea, enlarged and painful breasts. It is not necessary for these mentioned symptoms to happen only in pregnancy but it may be due to the heat wave or digestive problems or due to your menstruation is about to come. For the quick result, women always go to medical store and buy a home pregnancy test strip to confirm the pregnancy as soon as possible. In case you are not able to buy that strip, you can do some natural test staying at your home.

Toothpaste: Very simple and easy as toothpaste in 24/7 available at your home. Make sure you collect your first urine in the morning in a clean small container. Now add a small amount of your regular white colored toothpaste. After that keep the container for 5 minutes in a clean place and if the toothpaste turns blue or frothy, it means you are pregnant.

Soap Water: Take any type of soap and mix its concentrated solution in the urine you have collected before in the morning. If it begins to turn bubbly, there is good news that you are pregnant.

Bleach: Again collect first urine in the morning in a clean container then add one tsp of bleaching powder in it. If you see its chemical reaction is starting like it turns foamy or fizzy then it means you are going to be a mother very soon.

Dandelion Leaf: It is the most successful method to confirm pregnancy. Take few fresh dandelion leaves and a clean paper. Now spread all of the leaves on the paper then you would have to urinate on them in the morning. If red blisters appear on the leaves within 10 minutes then it means you are expecting. Another way you can use with these leaves that soak them in a container filled with urine. If you are pregnant, similar response will be showed.

Pine Sol: Another simple way to indicate pregnancy, use pine sol and done test at your home. You can find it in lots of cleansing agents. Collect your first urine in a clean container and drop wise add any cleansing agent containing pine sol. Wait for 10 minutes and if you see the solution is clean then it means you are not pregnant.

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