While making this Brown Bear Craft, we learned a couple of new things. I wanted to do the children’s crayon melting craft, but I never had enough crayons around to do it. Since I was buying several boxes to make these Color by Number Valentines for my daughter, I figured we might give it a try with the remaining crayons as well.

Funny that we didn’t read Brown Bear either, Brown Bear.

Brown Bear, Craft of the Brown Bear

Melting all of your brown crayons is the first step in making the Brown Bear. You first need to extract all of the paper to do that. That could have been really frustrating for the girls, and I didn’t find this tip to quickly peel pencils.

I couldn’t find online any adorable bear parts patterns (sounds kind of disgusting) so I made my own. To use it for your Brown Bear, feel free to copy it.

On the melted crayon page, we put the pattern pieces where we needed them. I tried to make certain parts of the bear darker than others. Then we (and I mean me) cut out pattern pieces around them.

I let my preschooler help me glue them into the right positions after our bits have been cut out. And he was born our Brown Bear. And so cute!

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