DIY Christmas Ornament Diorama

I have a weird thing for miniatures. I know I’m not the only one. Because I got into a fight with a lady in the xmas miniatures aisle at Michaels. Ok, not really a fight. I pushed her out of the way, and it was over. Oh, you better watch out. You better not cry! You better not stop me in the miniatures aisle at the craft store oh my!


Would you like to see what I made with my little purchases?

It’s a diorama! I put the little tree and deer inside one of those oversized plastic ornaments and hung it from my ceiling in the entry. I’ll show you how you can make one

You’ll need a dremel. I bought a cutting bit to use with mine, and it went through that thin plastic like butter. Don’t really do it one handed like this. That’s just for the photo, as is that awesome vinyl floor in my basement. Yeah. Like a time capsule down there.

Then I used the sanding bit to smooth out the jagged edges. Keep it on low speed unless you like the smell of melted toxic Chinese plastic.

Are you seeing it now? No, because it’s pitch black in there. So you need to pop a circle of cardboard in there for a floor (secure with hot glue) and then paint the whole inside white.

And now you can go nuts gluing your miniatures and glitter and whatnot in there. Also, I glopped a line of dimensional puffy paint around the edge of the opening to give it a more finished look.

Its ready if you like this comments


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