Evolutionary stories

A fictional story of an amazing discovery
Siberia (Russia) 2008

He was eager for adventure. He loved going through difficult terrain and living there. In one such mission, he was touring an area in Siberia. It was getting dark and it was starting to rain. Nearby he saw a cave. It was April, so the cold was a little less intense. Going into the cave, he lit his flashlight and examined it. The cave was completely empty and clean. He breathed a sigh of relief and sat down in a corner with a cloth and turned the flashlight. Suddenly, in the light of a flashlight, he saw a piece of bone. He approached the piece of bone and looked at it carefully. He picked it up in his hand. According to his knowledge, it was the jaw bone of a human being. But surprisingly, there were no more bones. His Chinese friend was a biologist. He thought he would ask his friend what the bone was like and whose it was.

Lenzo University (Northwest China) October 2008

Shortly afterwards, he moved to China, where he met his friend Won Lee, a professor of mathematics at Lenzo University. He showed his friend that piece of jawbone. Her friend was surprised to see this pink bone. It seemed like a new discovery. The Chinese friend asked him if he could give him the bone which he gladly gave him.

A few days later, Von Lee showed the bone to some of his fellow professors. Owen Lee and his team began research on the bone. The teeth found in this jaw bone were slightly larger than human teeth, suggesting that it was not the skull bone of a normal human. A DNA sample was also obtained from the bone, which showed that it was slightly different from modern humans.

With the help of computer graphics, a face was created from this bone of the jaw in which this jaw will be present. That face was very different from modern humans, suggesting that it was a different human species. Looking at the features of the face, it is estimated that this type will be a little shorter. Von Lee had learned from his friend that the bone had been found in a cave in Siberia, and Von Lee also knew that there was no information available about any short-lived human species in Siberia. There was a new discovery.

When computer graphics were used to model the entire human body, it looked like it was an ancient human species that was the incarnation of modern humans. According to Von Lee, the human race came to Siberia from Europe because the climate of Europe at that time was suitable for short humans. Because much was known about the European environment of the time where this jaw-dropping man was alive, Von Lee and his team estimated that this species of human had lost the war to another human race and moved to Siberia, where The environment was not conducive to it and the species soon became extinct.

Thus came such a great discovery from the simple bone of a jaw found in a cave.

Note: This is how evolutionary stories are created.

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