Did the moon landing actually happen?
Has man really gone to the moon?

A few days ago, man celebrated the 51st anniversary of landing on the moon. During this time, baseless propaganda was made by some gentlemen and a failed attempt was made to prove that landing on the moon was in fact a drama. In this regard, a list of some objections was also sent to me in the inbox. We will try to find out the truth of these objections by taking a brief look at them. It is very important to mention here that those who do not have to admit the facts. Whatever evidence is provided to them, they seem to deny the rising sun. Therefore, the answers to these objections are not being given to any hostile class of knowledge, but the answers to these objections are being given so that the people may know the true nature of such forgers and enemies of knowledge.

Objection No.1: On July 20, 1969, man went to the moon. Now that so much technology has advanced, why didn’t the United States or anyone else go back to this day with modern cameras and modern equipment. That is, after the American drama, when Russia and China also played dramas in opposition, why couldn’t all three of them make another drama in this day and age?

Answer: It is true that the Cold War between the United States and Russia was fought 60 years ago today, but to claim that it was all “drama” because of the Cold War is ridiculous. As we turn to the scholars for religion and the doctor for the disease and their opinion is considered valid. In such scientific matters the opinion of astronomers and scientific institutes is final and the fact that all the astronomical and scientific research agencies of the world have recognized the moon landing. Man has indisputable evidence of this, the most important evidence of which are the reflectors that fit astronauts on the surface of the moon, even today large astronomical observatories throw powerful lasers at them to measure the distance of the moon from the earth. ! As far as the question is, why didn’t man go to the moon today? It needs to be understood that going to the moon was not like a sightseeing, it was a very expensive mission, sending six human missions to the moon one after the other had ruined the American economy. Estimate that in the current era, if landing missions are carried out, it will cost 150 150 billion.

Pakistan is going to the IMF again and again for only 4 billion and we will get this 4 billion in installments over a period of four years. So the Moon Landing was a very expensive mission, with only a handful of moons, so NASA’s budget was limited and instead of sending humans back to Robertik due to increasing pressure from the US government and the public. Investigations were carried out by sending missions, Robortic missions are much cheaper than human missions. Guess how cheap robotic missions are, a year ago India sent a robotic mission to the moon for just 0. 0.1 billion. So it is pointless to say that since we are not going to the moon again, we have not been to the past. But the good news for critics is that due to the settlement on Mars, man will go to the moon again in the next few years and this time build a base camp there, which is why he hopes that this herd will also end.

Question No. 2: Why on the moon only the United States and its opponents were competing in dramas due to mutual enmity? Why didn’t any of the pro-US countries dare to step on the moon and stand by the US side?

Answer: We have understood in Question No. 1 how expensive these missions were. Small countries did not get involved in these cases due to lack of budget, but since it is cheaper to send robotic missions to the moon, which is why small countries have sent robotic missions.

Question No. 3: When the moon car reached the moon, after reaching the moon, it wandered on the moon’s earth in a strange kind of car. The question arises as to how such a large moon car was recovered from the moon car. That is, where did so much space come from in the belly of a small moon car to insert it?

The second question that arises is why the video of this moon car being recovered from the moon car was not made? Because it was also a great miracle. The discovery of a big moon car from a small moon car was enough to surprise the world. Why was no attempt made to get more credit for this drama? And then another question arises that with the help of which lift was this moon carriage landed and with the help of which lift was it raised again? And finally another question whether the moon left the car on the moon or brought it back ?? And even if they brought it back with them, why weren’t we shown the drama of going back up the elevator?

Answer: It is true that during three of the six human missions sent to the moon, the lunar vehicle was also sent with humans. Was attached (attached to the diagram, which you can compare with the lunar module). Reaching the moon, the vehicle was removed from that part of the lunar module and unfolded and used.

During the return from the moon, the lunar module was to be blown using thrusters and the thrusters could not bear the heavy load, so the lunar modules were left there to keep the weight of the lunar module low, and this claim was not brought back. Based on the lack of knowledge that no video shows the moon being unloaded from the lunar module, you can watch the video of the moon being removed from the lunar module during the Apollo 15 mission at the following link

Question No. 4: It is said that Neil Armstrong was the first to step on the moon. So, sir, who were the photographers who had already landed on the moon and were making their movie while landing the moon car and Mr. Neil Armstrong himself ?? And a very small moon car without fuel just spring How did she fly from the moon to the world again and again? And when she came back from the moon, when she flew back, which photographers were sitting on the moon and rotating the camera to take a picture of the moon car? Then which moon car did that photographer come back from ?? Did he come back or did he stay there ??

Answer: It takes seriousness to know the answers to the questions, the principle of which is to ask only one question at a time. As follows:

  1. You can see in the attached picture that there was a camera attached to the lunar module. Neil Armstrong pressed the button and pulled out the camera before exiting the lunar module, then opened the door of the lunar module and went down the stairs. Landed, so there was no photographer already!
  2. A very small spacecraft flew back to the moon with the help of thrusters. Thrusters are very small rockets, which are usually used in space to correct the direction of satellites and were present in every lunar module. Due to the strong gravity of the earth, we need a launching pad to fly from the earth, but the gravity of the moon is low, there is no air to create resistance, which is why it is possible to fly from there with the help of thrusters.
  3. The lunar module was actually being filmed when it flew off the surface of the moon, and this is true, but the camera was not in the hands of a human being, but was lying on the surface of the moon and was being controlled from the earth. The camera is still on the surface of the moon.

Question No. 5: Mr. Neil Armstrong has just passed away on 5th August. Why did the United States keep Neil Armstrong hidden from the rest of the world and from its own media?

Answer: Neil Armstrong has never been hidden from the world. Neil Armstrong and 12 other people who have stepped on the moon have been interviewed by the media all over the world. Neil Armstrong’s colleague Buzz Aldrin He still uses social media and answers questions about moon landings. Therefore, it is a claim based on ignorance that all of them have been hidden somewhere.

Answer: All the pictures of Moon Landing available on authoritative sources seem to have the same shadow. If there is any picture with two shadows, then you must share it. If the studio lights also produce two shadows, then they should not be so sharp, but both shadows should be dim, but you will not find such an image from an authentic source because this object has been fabricated.

Question No. 7: The United States hoisted the flag on the moon. The flag that was hoisted was waving. Where did the wind on the moon come from ?? While there is no air in space?

Answer: The flag was not waving at all, but the flag should not be tunnels. In order to keep the flag upright, another pole was placed in it in the perpendicular direction, due to which the flag is visible straight. Besides, this flag is not made of cloth. Instead, it was made of nylon, which caused the slits to fold, which is likened to waving. (Images are attached)

Question 8: Since NASA could not answer many questions about the world’s South Pole and especially the climate change system, it told everyone that the earth is not round but elliptical. But surprisingly, all the fake pictures have started to be presented round. According to NASA, the Earth’s gravitational pull ends after only 100 kilometers and space begins. How can a straight rocket withstand such a big shock at the speed of 67,000 miles per hour orbiting the earth out of orbit. Will it continue to move comfortably?

Answer: It would be wrong to link the example of a vehicle with the example of the earth because the vehicle does not have gravity. Remember that space does not start suddenly but gradually the air pressure starts to decrease. The rocket continues to orbit the Earth and slowly begins to move away from the Earth. Since the Earth’s gravity on any object dominates to an altitude of 1.3 million kilometers, the Earth’s gravity also carries the rocket with it It revolves around the sun. So the things that shock the rocket are just less irrational and ignorant.

Question No. 9: The story of going to the moon on July 20, 1969 made the United States a superpower. Why doesn’t the United States or the whole world celebrate Lunar Day on July 20 every year?

Answer: National Moon Day is celebrated on July 20 every year in the United States. How good it is for objectors to at least learn to use Google before raising an objection!

Question No. 10: The moon itself is orbiting in its own orbit. According to NASA, its speed is 3 kilometers per hour and the moon travels a distance of 5 kilometers at the same time. How can a rocket enter the orbit of the moon by spinning very fast ?? How did this rocket withstand the shock of entering the orbit of the moon from the air?

Answer: It is true that the moon is orbiting the earth. In astronomy, a term called hill sphere is used. The moon’s sphere is 60,000 kilometers, which means that when an object travels towards the moon. When it reaches a distance of 60,000 km from the moon, the moon slowly begins to pull it towards it, after this area the gravity of the moon increases, so no rocket goes into the orbit of the moon in a single jolt. On the contrary, the gravity of the earth gradually decreases and the gravity of the moon begins to increase, which is why it all happens step by step. The laws of the universe work in a way, it is foolish to compare them to a car crash.

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