Something new about the planet Mars

Can there be life on Mars or not? That’s a good question. there’s no evidence of macro-level life on Mars, and maybe if they do, they’ll either be found in the form of fossils or maybe not If there was life, the proof would have been found long ago.

Well, the other important part of the same question is that if there is life on Mars, then maybe it is micro-level life that is, in the case of small bacteria, viruses, maybe there is life there but also The first is that if at one time water was flowing on the surface of Mars, then what happened that all its water collected on both poles and became ice?

If water has ever flowed on the surface of Mars, then at least there should be plant fossils while no evidence of any kind has been found so far but it is possible that some startling evidence will soon emerge. Man must meet.

Assuming that (anyway, half the science is just a matter of assuming, a little assumption is also our duty) Rivers of water have been flowing on Mars, so the presence of water and oxygen is also possible for life But there is currently no evidence of large-scale evolution. According to some hypotheses, life on Earth came from Mars and according to some hypotheses, the inhabitants of Mars have ceased to exist. Some of the first living creatures, including invisible tiny organisms, somehow managed to reach Earth.

According to one, two and more assumptions, life on earth came through a meteorite but there is no concrete evidence of any of these assumptions well, do as much as you want If I could read and write, I would write the same thing that life started like this I’m sorry, I just go here and there.

Well if there was life on the surface of Mars then the evidence would hardly be found on the surface of Mars because living things can never live so long without water or moisture … yes if under the dry surface of Mars If there is moisture, there is a thirty or forty percent chance of finding evidence of life Bacteria always grow very fast in humid and hot places.

To some extent, it may be possible that there may be micro-levels of living things under the frozen ice on the poles of Mars or in the ice In fact, when it gets colder, living things like bacteria go into a deep sleep Thousands of species of bacteria have been sleeping for thousands of years, along with the thick frozen ice sheets of the oceans and lakes of the US state of Alaska. It seems that life can flourish there again, but life on Mars will be very different from Earth or maybe there will never be life there well it would be premature to say anything about life on Mars.

ALLAH knows best
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