How does it rain on earth?

Everything in the universe has a secret, everything has a history, it rains on every planet but it rains on the earth in a slightly different way, It is a normal natural process to see rain, but there is a very complex system behind it, Many people do not know how it rains. If it’s raining, then why not write an article on rain, The rainy season, especially in the days of December, gives a poetic impression to the common people, and if in this season a large luxury room is dim There is light and sitting in the armchair in front of the hearth, sipping tea, saying what a historical book is in hand.

Well, let’s get to the point Is there a complete and complex system behind rain? Is it true that there were mysterious rains in a few places in the world? Does the showering of animals with rain reveal a hidden truth? Is it a fact that fish are born in a dry pond after it rains? If so, where did those fish come from?

Rain is a natural process without rain the earth is desolate and barren rain is not a trivial process there is a complete system behind it, how does it rain?

There is a complete recycling system hidden in the rain, the water you are drinking or the water you are seeing raindrops and the water of the oceans are all thousands of millions of years old, maybe That the water that is in your body was present in the body of a great Raja Maharaja a thousand years ago.

Rain is a process during which water rises from the ground with warm air and then forms clouds, after which each drop of rain falls on the ground separately a solid particle is needed to freeze the water Is A raindrop is about 1 to 2 centimeters in size, When the sun warms the earth with its rays, the air on the earth’s surface begins to move upwards. This is the law of nature. Whether it is water or air, when it is heated, the amount of energy in it becomes very high then there are pools of water on earth or lakes are rivers or rivers or there is a huge ocean, there is in them A small amount of water seeps into the ground and a large amount of water heats up and travels in the form of clouds, There is so much water in the clouds that if all the clouds fall on the ground at once If given, the earth will be submerged in two and a half water including the oceans, The job of clouds is not only to rain water but also to control the air temperature, When water evaporates and goes up into the air The temperature there travels below 0, and the water, which is in the form of clouds, gets very cold, but can’t freeze, because water needs a medium to freeze Or we can do that too It may be that water needs impurity to freeze, Upstairs in the atmosphere every day thousands of kilograms of small meteorites come from space, which provide a medium to the water in the clouds, Also When the earth warms up, the heat from there starts to go up in a circular motion, which we also call a twister. Or sand particles, Similarly, dust storms in desert areas also blow dust particles to a height in the upper atmosphere, In this way, every drop of water gets a medium .. And it freezes itself by forming its own crystals around it,. Complete clear water never freezes no matter how cold it is, until it finds a medium.

When the above water starts to freeze around these particles, its density decreases due to the formation of ice and the piece of ice starts coming down due to being heavier than air, as it approaches the ground As the earth’s atmosphere warms, energy begins to flow and the ice is re-formed into water droplets, Some of the drops combine to form a large piece of ice that will rain in the form of hail. Looks like, and a lot of it has melted down and turned into water, if those big pieces hit the ground like they did at the top, they’d be at least a cricket’s size. As much as a ball, Nowhere in the world does rainwater get hot, it gets cold everywhere, this is the biggest reason, There are a few places on earth where hailstones of the same size sometimes occur. As happened a few years ago in Australia.

Raindrops start to freeze around the meteorites from other comets or large rocks that are in space, that is, if a drop of water falls on your hand during rain, it may be in it. There are thousands of micrometrides, To test this you place a bucket in the open yard during the rain, Then when enough rainwater collects in this bucket, put a magnet in it for three to four minutes. Rotate so that all the meteoroids stick to it, Then if you look at this magnet under a microscope, you will see very small particles, most likely the particles sticking to it will be micrometrics. When a drop of water solidifies around a solid meteorite, it solidifies itself and acts as a medium for other droplets of water, and thus becomes a large piece of ice, and down As it comes, it melts and becomes water.

For years, all researchers believed that rain occurs only after water droplets freeze around the particles,. But then another study revealed that these drops can also freeze on the body of an animal, One cubic meter of cloud water can contain between one and two million microorganisms.

Every day, warm air from the earth rises to the atmosphere and carries with it 2.3 million tons of bacteria, One of these bacteria is Pseudomonas syringae, This species of bacteria thrives on trees and crops. One cubic centimeter of a single leaf of a tree can contain between fifty thousand and one and a half million different species of bacteria.

You may have seen a layer of light white snow on grass, crops and bushes in almost every area in the morning, even at a temperature where water cannot turn to ice, the same Pseudomonas syringae bacteria The reason is, they have the ability to make water ice even at low temperatures, over time they began to make proteins that instantly turn cold water into ice. Thus when it happens that they go up, they force the water to become ice, and come back to the earth with rain.

Rain gauge is used to measure rain, How does lightning thunder? In many places animals also fall with the rain, including fish and frogs, and how water accumulates in arid places after rain, why does it snow instead of rain in high places and Read a detailed note on how rain gauge works and much more in the next episode.

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