There are people who dabble in DIY, and there are serious craftsmen who, with their inventiveness, never fail to impress us. And there are those of us with as much artistic talent as a chicken, so why is that supposed to deter us? We’ve got you covered if you’re in need of a weekend project that even a first-timer can pull off. Every time we have a hankering to try a woven wall hanging or a color-blocked art print, these are the expert designers and bloggers we turn to time and time again.

The House That Lars Built
Read for: Art-inspired projects (like monogrammed labels and intricate cake toppers) that will make you want to whip out the sketchbook.

DIY to try: Paper palm leaves, for those of us who can’t keep greenery alive.

Oh Happy Day
Read for: Party-decor inspiration and general good vibes (it is called Oh Happy Day).

DIY to try: The watercolor paper squares backdrop, to kick your birthday dinner up a notch.

Sugar & Cloth
Read for: A peek into the pastel-and-sparkle–laden world of founder Ashley Rose—and a good dose of interiors inspo, like her incredible kitchen makeover.

DIY to try: A colorful fabric wall hanging, the solution to that blank living room wall you’ve been deliberating over for months.

Read for: A series of projects that would be found on a consummate minimalist’s mood board; natural materials and neutral tones abound. Oh, and there are plenty of great IKEA hacks, too.

DIY to try: Get in on one of the most popular styles of the year with the budget-friendly cane headboard.

Fall for DIY
Read for: Larger makeovers—from customizable shelving to full-on furniture—made easy by way of the numerous photos blogger Francesca Stone includes in each tutorial.

DIY to try: The wood magazine holder, to organize your ever-growing pile of New Yorkers.

Read for: Realistic renovation diaries, with all of the cool decor projects documented in separate posts so you can follow suit in your own home.

DIY to try: The board & batten wall, one such remodeling job that’s perfect for adding interest and charm to boring walls—and it doesn’t require a contractor.

Almost Makes Perfect
Read for: Manageable designs you could definitely do in a day; think: holiday accents and simple yet stylish ceramics and textiles.

DIY to try: Spruce up your windowsill with the futuristic 3-D planter. No plain old terracotta here.

Oh Joy!
Read for: Colorful, kid-friendly ideas for every part of your life, from the food you eat to the room you eat it in.

DIY to try: A living wall, for when you can’t just pick one pothos at the nursery.

Paper & Stitch
Read for: Halloween or holiday decorations that don’t feel cliché, plus some rather fetching clay jewelry, if you want to update your accessories, too.

DIY to try: Deck the halls in watercolor with the Geo totem ornaments.

A Beautiful Mess
Read for: Lipstick recommendations, delicious recipes, and plenty of sewing-based crafts, if you want to flex your skills with a needle and thread.

DIY to try: The reusable sandwich bags will give you an incentive to meal prep.

P.S.— I Made This
Read for: Fashion, lifestyle, and beauty DIYs, all of which feature a playful twist.

DIY to try: The marbled cream and sugar set (it’s not as tricky as it looks), to impress future brunch guests.

Studio DIY
Read for: A bunch of party tricks; there’s a whole section dedicated to piñatas.

DIY to try: Jazz up your bar cart—and bring a whole new meaning to happy hour—with this ombré glassware.

The Merrythought
Read for: Affordable crafts made primarily from natural materials—it’s living simply at its finest.

DIY to try: The plywood arch mirror. Place it atop your dresser to help you get ready in the morning.

Collective Gen
Read for: Trend-driven projects, ranging from terracotta-hued clay mobiles to millennial pink bathroom vanities.

DIY to try: Leather-wrapped vases. Make a set of three and add some sprigs of eucalyptus for a chic finishing touch.

We Are Scout
Read for: Floral-arranging inspiration that will have you marching to your nearest farmers’ market. The woven textile ideas are also worth a bookmark.

DIY to try: The mini hanging garden, which was made for tiny apartments where the only way to incorporate plants is via the ceiling.

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