What Is a Nor’easter?

A northeast storm is a storm that forms along the east coast of North America. Nor’easters gets its name from the direction in which the strongest winds typically blow over the northeastern states, including New England and the mid-Atlantic states. Storms can bring wind, snow, rain, and flooding to these regions.

When does Nor’easter take place?

Nor’easters can occur at any time of the year, but are most common between September and April. They are strongest in the winter months.

What weather will Nor’Easters bring?

If you hear a Nor’easter approaching, prepare for bad weather. Nor’easter can cause heavy snow and blizzards, rain and flooding, and huge waves. These waves can cause beach erosion and severe damage to nearby buildings and structures. Northwest storms can also generate wind gusts that are even stronger than hurricane force winds.

image source pexels.com

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