Every eleven consecutive years or days or cycles of the sun

Solar Cycle

Almost every eleven years, a new cycle begins inside the sun This cycle is based on dark spots visible on the sun It consists of small and large black spots of the sun and runs from one small spot visible to the far orbit to the next small spot.

These spots were first spotted by Galileo and Christoph Scheiner in the 17th century, but the next-century scientist thought that “the black spots of the sun reappear every few years.” After researching the solar cycle Nineteenth-century scientist Rodulf Wolf numbered these cycles of the sun based on the research of scientists of the last century.

The first cycle, accordingly, is from 1755 to 1766 He created the Wolf Index, which continues to this day
The sun is currently in its 25th cycle This photo of the sun was taken by Ibrahim Habiba from Jordan on the morning of November 7, showing the spot below.

In the second image, NASA’s 24th cycle can be compared to the previous ones

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