Dead stars full of diamonds

“We are not digesting the development of so-and-so. How to make the situation worse for so-and-so? Think about it. So-and-so’s daughter has to be defamed so that she cannot raise her head in the future. So-and-so is out of control. This country is a threat to our economy. It would be better to have civil war and killings in this country. (From the employee officer) Sir! He is a good man. Why do you have to file such a big and false case? Ashraf, you will not understand. If you had such intelligence, you would not have been my employee, but would have been terrorizing an employee like me. All this has to be done for development. (Another fact) (Munshi! There is no one behind this widow, her son is also young. We will build a plaza on her city land and yes! Give her two or four marlas from the village land.) “In the race for weapons and ammunition to burn people to pieces, so-and-so has taken over the country. This country has the most destructive weapons.”

This is the second face of the modern civilized man.

When I started writing on astronomy a few years ago, I was told something like this:
Sir! You take pictures of the moon and planets at night. Then spread on social media. What is the benefit to you?

* What work have you done? (Astronomy can turn you away from your religion)
You are wasting money and time. Spend this time making more money. Etc etc
Note: The text is written in simple paragraphs. Only by reading the whole can the conclusion be drawn.
The data provided in this article has been repeatedly reviewed. However, if you see a problem somewhere, let us know. All articles written on the sun and stars must repeat certain things over and over again. So be sure to consider them.

When a medium-sized star like the Sun completes its life, the nuclear furnace in the middle of it stops generating energy. This star shrinks to more than 300,000 times its size. It does not contain hydrogen and helium, but carbon atoms. Such stars are called white dwarfs. Because in the past these stars have been burning and igniting their mass at billions of degrees Celsius for billions of years, such stars will continue to burn for billions of years even after the fusion process ceases. They keep emitting heat and light inside.

Most of the stars in our universe revolve around each other, not alone, but in groups of two, two, or three. Of these, when a large star like our Sun (usually the big stars first disappears) turns white dwarf after completing its life, the future of this star can be of two kinds.

  1. These white dwarf stars are so close to their peers that they begin to steal raw materials (hydrogen, etc.) from their peers due to their powerful gravity. As the mass of the second star is added to the mass of the white dwarf star, the mass of the white dwarf star increases. As the mass increases, so does the heat and warmth inside. As the temperature rises, the process of nuclear fusion begins in the innumerable trillions of tons of carbon atoms in the white dwarf star. That is, this white dwarf star dies and tries to come back to life. But here it becomes a problem for this white dwarf star. In his early life, when the process of fusion was going on inside him, he had a whole system. Which kept it from exploding and was slowly consuming the fuel inside. But now it has nothing to stop the energy pressure created by fusion. So now something very strange is going to happen. A very terrible and strange view of the universe is about to come into being. As the white dwarf begins to fuse with carbon or oxygen, the thousands of trillions of tons of matter contained in it are instantly fused. In the blink of an eye, all the raw material of the white dwarf star is converted into energy. The light produced by it is so intense for a few moments that it reaches the equivalent of the light of hundreds of millions of stars. This explosion is very different from explosions like supernovae. Even the name of the white dwarf star does not survive after this catastrophe. Every single atom (particle) of this white dwarf is converted into energy and lost in the vastness of space. That is, his story ends forever.
  2. There are some solitary stars in the universe, like our sun. The end of such stars (or of stars that orbit at a great distance from their fellow stars) is different and astonishing after becoming a white dwarf. Such white dwarf stars alone cannot steal the raw material of any other star. Nor can they resume fusion by increasing their mass and temperature. Lonely travelers, these white dwarfs begin to get cold inside. Millions of degrees Celsius come to millions and millions of degrees Celsius to thousands of degrees Celsius. With the help of large telescopes on Earth, astronomers have learned about a white dwarf star that now has a temperature of only 2,700 degrees Celsius. That is, this white dwarf star sun Five thousand times colder than.
    * Carbon atoms undergo a certain pressure and temperature to form crystals. That is, in the presence of temperatures ranging from 1000 degrees Celsius to 1200 degrees Celsius, a pressure of 329,329,000 kilograms per square inch converts carbon into diamonds. Carbon becomes diamond diamond at this specific pressure and temperature. Scientists have theorized that it is very possible that many white dwarf stars in the universe have completely turned into diamonds. These stars have the pressure, the desired temperature and the carbon inside, so it’s not impossible to make diamonds in them!

A typical dwarf star can weigh as much as the sun, that is, 200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms. It weighs so much that 333,333,000 acres of land can be weighed together on a scale. And 81 earth moons are equal to the weight of one earth. Our Earth’s moon weighs about 80,900,000,000,000,000,000 tons.

If a diamond moon is divided among the eight billion people in the world at that time, then each person’s share will be ten billion eleven crore twenty five million 10112500000 tons of diamonds.

The largest diamond in the world is the Chullinan diamond weighing 621 grams (just over half a kilo). The value of which is more than three hundred billion rupees. This is the price of a diamond weighing only 621 grams. But did you know that “if an ordinary white dwarf star (which has turned into diamonds) were distributed to all the human beings in the world, how many diamonds would come to each human being? From carbon to diamonds A white dwarf star that weighs as much as our sun, if it is distributed to the total population of the world, for every human being in the world, 2.7276446e + 17 tons of diamonds can come from this one white dwarf star. This is such a big number that if you multiply ten billion eleven million twenty five million by three hundred and thirty three thousand, it comes to 2.7276446e + 17.

So, O man! What’s the point of arguing? Who is to be humiliated and whose livelihood is to be deprived? Who to kill? And in which state is bloodshed to take place? Whose land is to be occupied? Why blow another person’s neck unjustly? Why do nuclear-fed babies have to be weaned on their mothers’ laps? And why do all this? For money? For minerals? To get gold, gems and diamond mines? For oil wells? The universe is full of all these treasures. This observable universe is so large

“Every day in this universe, about 300 million stars disappear and turn into black holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs. Almost the same number of new stars are created. Most of the extinct stars are white. They become dwarfs. Some of these white dwarfs are converted into energy forever and some of them turn into diamonds in the cold. There is no shortage of these treasures in the universe. Yes, there is a shortage of human beings. ”

Learn astronomy. Learn astronomy. This is not just a small piece of scientific knowledge. This is the key to knowing the universe and the laws of the universe. It is a vast knowledge that changes the thinking of me, you and all of humanity. We wrote in the beginning that people ask Sir! What do you gain by writing about astronomy and considering the moon, stars and the universe? My short answer to this is that “by looking at the moon, stars and the universe, we get a wide range of thinking, consciousness and understanding. We understand the pain of humanity, the distribution of blessings and the position of our being.”

So let’s consider astronomy. Discover your status as a diver in this universe full of treasures and wonders. “

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