• The most obvious signs of miscarriage are vaginal bleeding and pain/cramps in the lower abdomen.
  • Bleeding can vary from light spotting, to as heavy, or heavier than a normal period. You may see some clots, or brown discharge or other tissues.
  • Not all bleeding means miscarriage, but if you get any at all, see your doctor or midwife.
  • You may notice that symptoms of pregnancy, such as morning sickness and tender breasts, disappear.
  • Unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do to prevent a miscarriage.

There are also four different types of miscarriage:

  • Inevitable miscarriage: This describes bleeding during pregnancy where the cervix is open and the pregnancy will inevitably be lost.
  • Incomplete miscarriage: An incomplete miscarriage means that a miscarriage has started, but some tissue is left in the womb.
  • Complete miscarriage: This means the miscarriage is over. Your womb is now empty and the cervix is closed.
  • Missed miscarriage: Some women are unaware they have miscarried and may only discover during a routine appointment that the baby has died.

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