Ring and Hook Pub Game

I wanted to share a project today that I made and gave to my son this year for Christmas.

My son spent most of the spare time we had playing this ring and hook pub game in one of the lounges when we went on our Disney European Cruise this summer. It is a game that consists of a string with a ring at the end of the string connected to the ceiling, which you have to swing and try to loop the ring over a hook on the nose of the bull.

My husband asked me to make this game for Christmas. Of course I can!! Using a 50 percent off coupon, I began with a wood plaque I bought at AC Moore. I painted the face of the wood with Old White Anne Sloan Chalk paint and painted the edges with grey craft paint.

Using my Silhouette machine I cut out a bull’s head in black vinyl and the letters in blue vinyl.

Here is the finished plaque before the hook.

We hung it on one of the oak columns in our basement. You need sufficient space on all sides in order to toss the string.

I decided to hang it firmly from the ceiling and make it removable easily while the game was not in use. I began by getting my husband to drill a hole in a little dowel. I threaded the string through the dowel afterwards. To ensure that it did not fall, I put a little black electrical tape over my knot.
At Home Depot, all supplies were purchased.

Then my husband drilled a small hole in the ceiling and used a plastic wall anchor and
screwed an eye hook into the ceiling.

Here are the exact dimensions necessary for the game to work. The small dowel with the string goes through the eye hook.

Whenever the game is not being played we just remove the dowel.

We then measured the exact height and added the metal loop at the end.

Voila! This entire project cost less than $10 and my kids have played it all week long. Any time we have had company this week, they have played as well.

The hook has been “ringed” by both my son and daughter nearly 80 times each. They are holding a tally, actually. If you take a close look, you’ll see I’ve got none. Yes… I have the ability to create it, but I seem to lack the ability to play it. Lolz

Has anybody else ever tried this game? That’s addicting.

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